Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Kraft’s Face-Scanning Tech Will Tell You What You Like to Eat

(mashable)After a harried day in the office, meal planning may be the last thing on your mind. It might be evident on your face, though.

That’s the premise behind an interactive technology Kraft and Intel recently introduced called the “Meal Planning Solution.” The kiosk-like display, which is likely to show up in at least one retail location this year, is meant to help weary shoppers find new recipes during last-minute grocery trips.

Forget filling out a profile of favorite recipes and ingredients, though — this bad boy scans your face to figure out what you may be interested in cooking. For even more customized results, a user can choose to pull in purchase history data through her grocery store loyalty card, her shopping list on Kraft’s iFood Assistant mobile app, or her recipe-browsing history on

To get a better look at the research and technology behind the solution center, we spoke with Don King, Kraft’s VP of retail experience, Chris O’Malley, Intel’s director of retail marketing for the embedded and communications group, and Jose Avalos, Intel’s director of retail and digital signage for the embedded and communications group. Read on for an in-depth look at how the solution center works and what Kraft and Intel aim to accomplish with it.


  1. That's kinda cool, hope they make good use of it

  2. That sounds kinda ridiculous. =\ Hilarious though. I'd love to see which facial expressions are which foods. lol.

  3. I wanna know what I want. Please kraft tell us what we want. Leading the masses to eat what they want them to eat. Great plan, love capitalism btw