Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nintendo sees the world in 3-D

At a game conference keynote, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata talks about the importance of innovation.San Francisco (CNN) -- Sunday's debut of the Nintendo 3DS, a hand-held game system with a 3-D display that doesn't require special glasses, isn't just the culmination of several years of research and development for one product.
It could be a milestone for a company that's spent decades refining three-dimensional technology, only to be met with resistance from consumers.
Playing games in 3-D "is something that we've been continually testing and working on at Nintendo," said Hideki Konno, who has directed or produced some of Nintendo's most prized franchises and was a key person in the 3DS's development, through an interpreter.
"We've never actually stopped looking at 3-D as a viable product," Konno said. "And it just so happens that the technology in the marketplace now coincides with what we wanted to do. So actually, it was just very fortuitous timing."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caribou Android App Cracks Cardkey Locks

Caribou Android App
(androidjet)Caribou Android App is written by security researcher Ian Robertson as a proof-of-concept demonstration of the incredibly poor security controls in use on widely popular cardkey door control systems.
Wiith Caribou Android App, you just need to input the IP address of the cardkey device, and then click Unlock. All doors will be unlocked for 30 seconds, after that they will re-lock just like using a cardkey to enter.
Of course, for security issue, Caribou app is NOT available to download, don’t wait your time searching on Android Market.
Here is the demo video with a HTC Incredible and Caribou Android App.